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Circle of Excellence Awards

The Richfield Chamber of Commerce hosts a recognition event called The Richfield Circle of Excellence Awards, each year. Chamber members nominate fellow members for the Small Business Hall of Fame.

General Qualifications

  • Majority owner and/or operating head of an independently owned
  • Profit-making business enterprise for at least five years
  • Must have less than 100 employees
  • Does not exceed more than $5 million dollars in annual sales
  • Richfield Chamber of Commerce member in good standing

Selection Criteria

  • Staying power – a substantiated history as an established business
  • Growth in number of employees
  • Increase in sales and/or unit volume
  • Innovativeness of product or service
  • Response to Adversity
  • Contributions to aid community-oriented projects

The Richfield Chamber of commerce awards committee reviews all nominee applications. These committee members come from a variety of professions and backgrounds. Recipients are selected based upon selection criteria; application review is kept confidential. Recipients are recognized at the Circle of Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Business Leader of the Year

Since 1969, the Richfield Chamber of Commerce has presented a special award that recognizes outstanding service to the Chamber and the community.

The Larry Farrington Award was initiated by the Richfield Chamber of Commerce to memorialize Larry Farrington and is intended to keep alive the memory of a very unusual individual, one who contributed in extraordinary ways to the Chamber,  community and his family. But the Award is also intended to keep alive the type of idealism in personal and community relationships which Larry Farrington demonstrated right up to the day of his untimely death in 1968.

This idealism means working consistently not just for what is most profitable or most expedient, but for what is best in the long term for individuals and the community – for compassion in human relationships, for understanding, for education, for integrity and truth.

The concept of the Larry Farrington Award is to perpetuate among Richfield Chamber of Commerce members a determination that our world is not just a profit-and-loss statement in which each person’s life is dedicated to surpassing others, but a world in which all of us are dependent upon each other to produce the best that is within us.

This award is now recognized as the Business Leader of the Year.

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